Monday, April 10, 2006

Budapest Social Club

Last week was a week for socialising. The big boss was in town most of last week and drinks were on him on Thursday. Which destroys productivity on Friday but even though copious amounts of Corona was quaffed down at the expat favourite of Iguana, no one was too far gone the next day. I was particularly happy with how my body coped with it with no real feelings of hangover, just a need to sleep.

However, Friday was also a night on the town. Super-Kert Tuzraktér (formerly Tuzraktár) had it's opening night on April 7th. They had a good line up of bands but the one's we wanted to see were caracasUnderpop.

Read moreThey were excellent and definitely got the freezing crowds warmed up in the chilly cellar venue. Outside people sat around bonfires to get some heat or fill up with alcohol to keep the anti-freeze levels up. Tilos had DJs playing to provide some cool tunes but best of all was the kolbasz grill as there's no beating Meaf.

Saturday was a much more chilled out affair. I finally caught up on some sleep and awoke at a lazy 11am. The plan to look around at cars (still trying to find a replacement for Opi) went out the window and we had a relaxed breakfast watching double-bluffing super-spies in episodes of Alias. We then geared up for a trek (okay, bus journey) up to the hills to visit the Texan (and Canadian) and his famous BBQ. So we sat out on the terrace there, eating thick slices of grilled pork, mashed potato with sour cream and a side helping of lecso. Eeking out the warmth from the sunlight, sipping on frocs and chatting with friends. A fantastic way to recouperate.

Sunday came with an offer to go and see the opulent Orient Express that was in town for a just a few hours, but I had committed to fixing up the computer. Nothing wrong with it but on the way home on Friday I felt strangely compelled to buy a huge hard drive to rid me off all my low disk space problems (possibily brought on by lack of proper thought from the day after the night before). A simple operation but one that required shuffling around data between the two old disks before finally storing it on the new one. It ended taking up most of the afternoon but now I have a growling monster of a 300GB hard drive rumbling away by my right knee.

It was also election day on Sunday so the lady and I popped out into the sunshine once and over into the nearby school where she can vote. We then followed by a trip to the Danube which while receeding quickly is still quite high and the HÉV at Batthyány tér is not running. Then an impulse to indulge took us to the Europa Kavehaz on Szent Istvan krt where we got some cakes to go.

All in all a very pleasant few days and all that's left is to sleep for a few more.

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