Friday, March 17, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I wrote before about good old Két Szerecsen that was closed for renovations. It was meant to open back in February but there was a small delay. I walked past it the other day to see that it's finally reopened and found that the work wasn't just a splash of paint.

Didn't have time to pop in but hope their management and staff are the same people that make the place warm and welcoming as well as serving out great food and one of the best iced coffees in Budapest.

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The renovations seem to be quite extensive and expansive. At first glance throught the window you could be forgiven thinking that nothing has changed. The decor is the same. However, cast your eyes to the back of the main room and you'll see that they knocked through where the toilets used to be, creating a huge new dining area complete with gallery.

Where the toilets have moved to, I have no idea. Maybe they've even dug down into the cellars.

No matter. The extra space is great because it means that it should become more of a reliable eatery in terms of being able to get a table. Not that not getting a table is a big problem with the tér round the corner but still, it's one of my favourite places.

So book up and try out the cuisine, or perhaps just pop in for a coffee.

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