Thursday, February 09, 2006

KLF Moment

A quick, stupid, possibly drunken post on a KLF moment. That being 3am eternal.

Just got back home after a good company do at ol' Iguana's. Great food, stuffed, and also filled with various types of liquor. The majority being a staple beer followed rapidly by Unicum and Tequila. Sensible amounts of water being squeezed in too.

Iguana's food was delicious as always. This time it came quick enough for me not to overdose on the jalapeno pepper poppers and spicy salsa.

On the way there it was a pretty cold walk. On the way back, my how it had snowed. And is still snowing. As of 2.40am, it's about 10cm deep on the street and still coming down thick and fast.

It's quite nice to walk around at this time in this weather. I've had two snowball fights. One with complete strangers. The snow is deep enough to cover the edges of the pavements and streets so I can blame my stumblings on the white stuff as apposed to the liquid intoxications.

If it keeps snowing at this rate, I'll have to put on the Serious Boots to get to work tomorrrow. Or is that today, just delayed.

No pics for this episode. My phone died of a depleted battery and announced it's passing, loudly, several times. Oh well, maybe the snow will still be around in the morning for a photographic shot.


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