Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pootling Pensioners

When thinking of senior citizens in Hungary, most people conjure up the idea of frail, white-haired folks clogging up the post office collecting their pensions while complaining about how that pension is buying less and less, why the weather isn't like it was, how nothing is safe anymore, how the government is letting people down and what their latest grandchild is up to. Well, actually, that might be a bit of a pessemistic view of the old folks but we've all been there, standing in that particular queue waiting to pay our bills.

Read moreHowever, I think that most of the elderly are still young at heart and want to get out There to do their thing instead of just pootling about in some dusty flat. This theory is backed by spotting huge numbers (2) of sporty seniors out and about on the streets of Budapest.

I regularly see a sprightly man who must be in his late 60's tearing up the streets on rollerblades. And he's no slouch either. I can imagine he spent a lot of his life on skates (ice or roller) and has now moved on to in-lines. I thought he was the only one in town but the other day I witnessed a little old lady who had to be in her 70's speeding down Andrassy's pavement on one of those small collapsible scooters. I would have taken a picture but she was too fast. The sight was made more bizarre by the fact she was wearing her normal little old lady outfit and handbag. At least the roller-blader puts on some sporty garb.

It all gives me a little bit of hope that when I get to that age I'll be doing the same. It means I can put off the exercise for an even later date.

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