Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hó Hó Hó

The white stuff is finally hitting the streets. After a brief flurry of snow last night I walked out the door this morning to be greeted with the city slush.

Read moreOne of the reasons I like living here in Hungary is that there are distinct seasons. No cold summer drizzle or warm winter days. In summer it's hot hot hot and in the winter it's hó hó hó. Though, in town that snow doesn't last long. Within a few minutes of touching down it's been trod on by pedestrians, driven over by cars and then there are the dogs.

The correct footwear is important. You don't want to be falling over in this stuff. Which is a problem for me right now as my faithful trekking boots that took a pounding from Patagonia to Peru finally fell apart strolling down Váci utca. It's time to get out to the shops and treat myself to another set of footwear with a good deep tread. Until then, my smarter yet slippery shoes will have to do. I just hope that I won't be hitting the streets too hard.

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