Thursday, December 01, 2005

Death of Opi

A sad post to start off the return of The Hungary Years. Good ol' Opi has popped his/her/its clogs and is now flapping its rusty wings in car heaven.

Opi was still going strong but unfortunately the technical certificate needed to run on the road expired. In fact, it expired while we were away and so got a shock when we returned. It meant that Opi was parked illegally for a few days and then driven under cover of rush hour traffic to the garage to get it looked at.

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We knew it would take some work to get it past the technical test but didn't know how much it would all cost. Being the cheap and fairly sturdy car that Opi is, we figured that if the bill came to 50,000 Ft or less then we'd go ahead and get it done. Any more expensive and we'd have to think about it. When the call came from the garage to say that the work would cost about 170,000 Ft, the answer was obvious. Opi's time had come.

Again during rush hour and running on fumes, we drove it over to the scrapyard. The scrapyard itself was fascinating. Masses of bottles for recycling, huge cranes delving into piles of cars, scrapyard mafia independent scrapies' lorries bringing in all sorts of strange metal and offering to buy our car. We refused the offers, drove Opi one last time to get weighed (a nice round 1,000kg) and then parked it in it's final resting place next to a fleet of battered Skodas. We turned our backs and said goodbye.

Some other pics from automobile death row:

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At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Nick said...

I shall remember Opi fondly.

It's perhaps too soon to ask, but...

Are you getting another?

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Timbo said...

Once we get through the mourning period we might get another. But it'll never be the Opi we knew before. That might be a good thing though.

It'll probably happen after Christmas and it's likely to be either a nearly new car that's been crashed and repaired by our friendly garage, or a brand new car. Depends on how flush we feel in the new year.

I see that Squint is your new site of choice. Does that mean Dr. Pockless has retired?

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

I may well be in the market for a car come January. I'm currently working out in the sticks and I've just agreed to extend my contract until the end of Feb... It's not bad on the days when I can get a lift from Bristol, but Hell when I have to take the bus...

I wouldn't say Doctor Pockless has retired - he's not the retiring sort. When he goes, it'll be in style... That said, he is suffering thanks to Squint - but I'm getting more interesting work offers since Squint launched, so I have to keep that up.


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