Sunday, November 06, 2005

Creepy Crawlies

This is the creepy crawly special edition of The Hungary Years Timbos Travels in South America. We´re in Peru now on the last leg of our journey but the CD of photos is always a few days or weeks behind. Here´s a selection of pics from the pampas trip in Bolivia.

Not so creepy, but very crawly. What they lack in creepiness these caterpillars make up for in numbers. There were loads of them all clumped together on the side of a tree in the jungle.

Definitely creepy, definitely crawly. The tarantula lives peacefully in it´s tree until some jungle guide taunts it with a stick and gets it angry and chasing around after it´s egg sack.

Went pirana fishing with little lumps of meat. These critters nibble it clean off the hook in seconds, though this one wasn´t so lucky. It ended up on the dinner table. I swam with these fish as well though they were kept at bay by the friendly pink dolphins (who eat them).

Coming to getcha... Loads of alligators in the pampas. Sunning themselves by day and feeding at dusk. You see them sitting on the banks most of the time but then when taking the boat at night their eyes reflect / glow red in the torch light. Quite offputting.

Anaconda! Apparently quite hard to find but our guide tracked one down. Took a few hours of wading through swamps and fields and wondering whether the welly boots would hold out (they didn´t). This one was about 2 metres long which was a decent size considering they only make it to about 3 or 4 metres in these parts.

That shoe (mine) is a size 42 (or 8.5) and that huge cockroach sitting next to it is about half that size. It´s big. Found not on a jungle or pampas tour, but in the great Mosquito bar in Rurrenebaque. Wouldn´t want that in my sleeping bag.

No creepy crawly here, just showing the effects of a nasty mosquito bite. Couldn´t find the bite itself but my hand swelled up nice and good. Here you can see my left hand (on the right) doesn´t show any veins or tendons or proper knuckles as the flesh has plumped up to hide them.


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