Monday, January 09, 2006


It's a bit late but buék to all of you. Normally said within the first few minutes of the new year, I think it's still okay to greet people with it a few days into 2006. Buék of course being "Boldog Uj Evet Kivanok" or "Wish you a happy new year". Said in one short word, a bit like enthusiastic frog or a semi-stifled burp.

Christmas was spent away from The Hungary Years and Hungary itself. Back in Blighty there was much running around visiting people, pubs and purveyors of reduced price products (or in other words, "The Sales"). Plenty was ate and drank in the spirit of Christmas over-induldgence but there were a few walks around the countryside, parks and blizzard-swept, vertigo-inducing bridges thrown in too. Got up to the Lake District which was as muddy lovely as ever. Even so, the food has taken it's toll and so I'll be trying to walk even more around Budapest to shed the weight. Well, as soon as I've finished all the chocolate that was brought back.

I'll be back with more Hungary-related posts in just a bit.


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