Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brass Monkey Weather

Sipping my morning cuppa I took a curious glance out the window to check the little temperature gauge we have stuck to the outside of the window frame. Although it's a bright blue sky, the temperature in the shade at this point was -7C. Which is low. It can be thought of as very low as the temperature in our courtyard is normally a good 4 or 5 degrees above the heat on the street. This means that at approximately 8.30am it's -11C or -12C out there. That's cold!

Read moreLike the cat that's about to get it's comeupance, I clicked over to the Hungarian met office for a fab map of the country covered in chilly blue splodges. Current temperature -14.7C in Budapest. It also tells me that the warmest place in the country right now is at -9C while the coldest is a bone chilling -20C.

I read that in order to stop the elephants freezing to death at the Russian zoos in the current cold snap, their normal buckets of water were spiked with vodka. Acting like anti-freeze, the vodka should prevent them from icing up. I wonder if it's a good enough excuse to get tanked up in the office.

* Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey

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