Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nespresso So So

The Nespresso place opposite the Opera on Andrassy has finally opened. For months it has been teasing me with arty coffee posters making me dream of a time when my days are spent sipping coffee, reading articles and watching beautiful people pass by. It really does look slick and sophisticated.

Read moreI was looking forward to another cool cafe to open up so I was very disappointed to see what Nespresso really is. Okay, so it looks like there is a place where you can buy and drink coffee in there, but it appears to be as comfortable as the "IT" transportation device that South Park's Mr. Garrison invented. The rest of the shop is a shop.

So, it's not really a cafe at all. Just a place where people can buy hideously expensive coffee machines and the accessories that go with them. It's not really a cheeky twist of Nescafe and espresso but a full-on brand of erm... Nescafe and espresso.

Nespressos are little capsules of coffee that fit into the pricey coffee machines to provide that neat shot of caffeine. Different coloured capsules for different strengths or flavours of coffee. I didn't search before but I now see they have a dedicated site.

I know there are plenty of other cafes around, but as Liszt Ferenc tér has proven summer after summer, there's always room to squeeze in one more.

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