Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sticker Slapper

Here's a short one. I noticed that someone's been very eager with these satellite stickers. They're stuck to almost every post along Andrassy. I have no idea what they're about.

When things like these appear, I'm intrigued. Which I suppose is what the person slapping them on wants. But I have no idea what they're about or how to find out. Which defeats the object, surely.

These things are often seen in the divey kert bogs, pasted in great numbers and wide varieties all over the walls. It makes for a colourful, modern display of random poster art while carrying out business at the urinal.

There, they sort of make sense or at least they seem to be at home. On a main street in bright daylight and in a repetitive slap, they don't look right.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Vándorló said...

Well, the advertisers will be pleased. Looks like the type of viral marketing that is classified as 'undercover'.

On Andrássy, though?!


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