Thursday, April 06, 2006

Napi Menu

Is it possible I haven't written about the glorious Napi Menus that grace Budapest restaurants? I've done a quick search using the Googley thing at the top of the page but it turns up nothing.

The napi menu, is the daily dish at a Meafery. If you look about they're scribbled on most blackboards around Liszt Ferenc tér and most are good value too. Forget the rip off tourist menus that promise traditional gulyas leves and hortobagyi palacsintas. Stick with the basic stuff and you'll usually get in under a thousand forints. Well, that's optimistic at the tér nowadays, but you won't go much over.

Current favourites are Menza, Karma and Leroys Fresco. If the menu at Grand Cafe Grand Miro Grand (there's a "Grand" in there somewhere but not sure where) then you'll end up with decent 3 courser as it also includes a cake.

Oh and someone should have a word with Pompeii which put out this interesting selection of food. While the Larded Roasted Pork with Oniony Potato sounds artery-clogging-great, the Thick Brown Soup and Rice with Meat could do with a bit of tarting up on the language front.


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