Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rising Tides

If you're in Budapest and haven't already seen it, get yourself down to the riverside before the riverside comes up to you. I took a stroll down there on Saturday afternoon and the flooding looked impressive. Went again on Tuesday evening and it's risen even higher.

Water levels have passed 860cm and is still on the way up. It might even be able to break the all-time record of 867cm set in 1876. I took a photo of the marker at one of the flooded tram stops but I have no idea how to read it properly, so I'll just post it here.

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It's quite astounding to have the Danube so high that it completely covers the walls at the tram lines. In fact it almost touches the trams overhead cables and is getting close to filling their tunnels completely.

The authorities have cottoned on to the crowds and set up a Disaster Tourism map detailing a nice little walk you can have to take in "Interestig sights to see: the flood of the Danube." While the street sellers are raking in sales of salty pretzels and coke.

Spare a thought though for the poor people that work selling tickets for the boats. The office is completely flooded and only the tops of the windows and roof is visible. Hope they got all the equipment out in time.

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