Friday, August 12, 2005

Sziget 2005 - Day 2

Another fast exit from work and fast entrance onto the Sziget. Even with Batthyány tér metro station closed it's still not too bad to get there in good time.

Last night we managed to catch Natalie (neat), Lord (loud), Underworld (underwhelming but interesting "camera painting") and caracasUnderpop (cracking).

Read moreQuick story. A friend plays bass in caracasUnderpop and I went to sneak a beer to him backstage (apparently the organizers weren't that keen about beer on stage). I was expecting to be stopped by some burly bouncer but maybe my air of confidence (and lack of drunken swaying) convinced them I was meant to be there. No one asked me who I was so I just walked straight to the artists area behind the stage. Handed over the beer, said hello to the band and used their superior portaloo. Maybe I should try these at all gigs.

Okay, here's some photos...

It's not all big stage acts. Here's a friend of the lovely lady belting out a number on the Talentum Szinpad.

Another homegrown band trying to build up.

Natalie Imbruglia shaking her thang (that would be her hair) at the crowd.

An old favourite of the lovely lady. Lord was loud, well it was on the HammerWorld Szinpad. Comparing elements, I'd say it was more rock than metal. I missed most of the show trying to get a beer. By the time I was served, the band was wrapping up. Turned out they started much earlier than scheduled.

Came across an activity area with people making fools of themselves trying to hit baseballs and shoot arrows.

Never mind flying saucers, it's the flying cones you have to watch out for. They're a colourful bunch.

The grownups try to amuse themselves....

... but it's the kids that have the best toys. The fun park was strictly for children, no adults allowed. It might be worth trying to rent a kid out just to have a go.

While some unlit paths make you feel like you're walking into the forest of blood and death, these people made it more uplifting. This way you'll see the crazed serial killer's face lit up by the glowing pig hanging from a wire.

I wasn't that inspired by Underworld but the crowd were getting into it, especially when they played their well known Born Slippy. The video screens either side of the stage weren't working for most of the performance but when they did get connected we were treated to some bizarre images from the camera held by the band's frontman. At least that impressed me.

The ambient tent where people go to chill out. Or sleep...

... until caracasUnderpop start up.

After tramping round the sziget for a few hours, it's time to rest our feet.


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