Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Filming in Budapest (III)

I know I flogged the horse to its death a while back but I think this is going to be a neverending occasional series of posts. Right now Spielberg's in Hungary shooting his next film, "Munich" about the massacre at the 1972 Olympics. So when I saw preparation for filming at Opera I had to write again.

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Filming around Opera is not uncommon but there are sure signs of big money in this operation. All the bollards in the area have been ripped out of the pavement. I saw some road and building signs in French resting against a wall and one of the crew confirmed that they're turning the whole street into a little bit of France but he wouldn't go further than that.

Could it be the dramatic scene where the Israeli secret service take out the big bad guy?

From the Daily Telegraph ... The film, with Eric Bana as the lead Israeli assassin, is expected to feature the killing of the Palestinian Mohammad Hamshiri, who answered his phone in Paris to fall victim to a radio-detonated bomb under his desk, and the death of Mohammad Boudia, the director of operations for Black September, in a car bomb explosion.

This is all speculation and heresay of course, if you hang around the Opera house today you may get a sneek peek of the stars or even the mighty Spielberg himself.

Note: Photos of the scene will appear later in the day when I can get them off my phone.


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure is great, but driving home that way is now a huge pain in the butt. I never quite understood why, in a "western" country, police close roads down for politicians, movie shootings, etc. I fucking want to drive that way, but I can't, because some dickhead decided that one of the busiest streets in Budapest now belongs to a movie crew. Awesome, eh? After all, it's only a few hundred thousand people vs those 200-300, right?

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Timbo said...

Give up the car, it's no use this summer anyway.

Even if you could get down Andrassy, you'd get stuck in the roadworks on the corner of Bajcsy.

Then if it's the weekend, you'll have to make a detour 'cos the Chain Bridge will be closed.

Once you've made it over to Buda, choose your routes carefully as you might find your road closed for the Tour de Hongrie.

Oh and Kiraly utca is now a warzone.

Just pedestrianize the whole city.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pedestrianize my butt. I don't mind roadblocks when they are there for a good reason (accident, construction, repairs, summer festival, etc), but when it's for someone's OWN, personal business, then, well, WTF?


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