Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sziget 2005

Hurrah! The sziget is here. The Sziget Festival is 7 days of non-stop music. If you're in Budapest and you haven't experienced the sziget before, you have to go. It's obligatory, no question. You're in for a treat.

The sziget is one of the largest (if not the largest) music festivals in Europe. It pretty much occupies the entire Obuda island (view map).

Read moreAll types of music are catered for plus there are all sorts of other activities to keep you occupied.

Get lost in labyrinths and luminariums, stare at a screen, get civilized or just take in the view (links in Hungarian).

Take a look at who's playing and plan your days now. The weekly tickets are sold out already but daily tickets can be bought on site (though limited to 40,000 a day).

There's a pre-opening concert tonight by good ol' (40 years old) Illes. So I'm going hardcore sziget this year. 7 days of festival fun just isn't enough so I'll be cranking it up a notch and going for 8.

See you there.

Some pics from last year


At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

Nice to see my Sziget collage make an appearance - I shall have to make another this year, although I'm not sure I'll be able to create the same combination of beer, chewing gum and spit that so nicely held last year's work together.

SZIGET! I'm on my way...

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Timbo said...

It was indeed a masterpiece Doctor. Of course, the spirit of the sziget can only be captured in this form towards the end of the week when one's experiences can be metamorphised (?) into artistic cut-outs.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

And highly adhesive phlegm.


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