Thursday, August 04, 2005

Aliens Attack?

Around F1 time I mentioned there were a couple of strange floating aliens meandering about Budapest attracting attention. Well, it was more than just a one-off sighting.

Read moreOn Tuesday I spotted another of these strange Segways. Are they planning to invade? I took a peek on Internet to see if there's a new Segway office opening up or something similar and found signs of Segway tours being planned.

There's a reference to Segway tours starting up in Vienna and Budapest on a Fodor's forum and an unfinished page over at City Segway Tours (the images are password protected but if you click "Cancel" a lot then you see the text of Segway Tours in Budapest... Come glide with us Take a Segway for a Budapest walking tour -- without any walking!).

Taking a look at their Vienna page, I notice that they partner with Discover Hungary who are the people responsible for the Yellow Zebra Bikes and Absolute Walking Tours I often see about town. The Discover Hungary people seem to know what they're doing and so I think it's only a matter of time before the aliens attack Segways take over the city.

Some links:
Segway US
Segway Hungary
Discover Hungary


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