Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Load of Rubbish

This is rubbish, but it's Budapest rubbish and more importantly it's recycling rubbish. Finally the recycling bins re-appeared in the 5th district.

Read moreWe're normally quite good at recycling our bottles. Our basic recycling is more a form of stinginess as we take our glass bottles back to the Kaiser's supermarket at Nyugati to get the deposit back. There's often a queue outside the little room on the corner of Bajcsy and the Korut. It's about half and half, normal shoppers and tramps/alcoholics. You get a slip of paper showing how much you can spend in the supermarket below and there's a bottle bank outside the shop for the unlucky, unloved uveg that didn't make the grade.

For the plastic variety we even went to the trouble of saving them up until we went down to the home of the almost-mother-in-law. Letting them hitch a lift in the car and unloading them at the recycling bins in Várpalota. It was a hassle though and it was strange that after the Budapest councils said they were committed to recycling, they removed the coloured bins at Erzebet ter. The nearest ones I found were over at Klauzal ter in the 7th district.

But no more worries. They've reappeared in almost the same spot, just a bit shorter and squatter. Also, in some tardis-like way, they've made them bigger on inside than outside. Instead of some unique time-lord trick, I believe, they've just dug a hole into the ground.

No matter, recycling is back in Budapest and my old bottles will be getting a new life. I hope they get cleaned first.


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Jancsi said...

A-ha! I enjoy your blog. But just for a little info on these bins, since I have been curious about their rarity as well... Even though there are several dozen recycling bins in Budapest, absolutely nothing put in these bins is recycled. I'm afraid it goes in with the rest of the public garbage. A close friend of mine works for the Ministry of Environment. They hope to have recycling start in Budapest in 2010. These bins are just around to get people used to the idea, I think... Actually, my friend doesn't even know why they have these bins. Gotta love Hungary! Anyway, waste water treatment plant coming in 2020!!! :)


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