Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cool Sea Breeze

Not exactly a cool sea breeze, but the air down by the Danube on Monday night was considerably more bearable than the general stuffiness that ensconced the rest of the city. We had gone to investigate the Újbuda Part, which seems to be the beach area for this year after the Budapest Plage was cancelled this year (so I hear from the grapevine).

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It's not quite as extensive as the original beach in Ujpest but it's got sand, deckchairs, music, bars and even a lighthouse. What more could you wish for?

Just take the tram to the Buda side of Petőfi Híd and get off with all the far-to-young-to-be-out-this-late people heading to Zöld Pardon. Dodge the cars to get right down to the river. Walk past the great A38 boat and you'll be there.

There was cold beer, a stage, henna tattoos, cold beer, kareoke, hippy stalls, cold beer and plenty of syndicated bars (Zöld Pardon and Darshan where there) selling cold beer.

It's not going to be there long so I recommend you get your flip-flops out and relax on the beach, watching the boats go by and the new national theatre decide which colour to be.


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