Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Streets of Rivers (II)

I know I was impressed by Venice but I didn't realise that the almighty powers that be (whoever they might be) would try to recreate streets of rivers in Budapest as well. Since Sunday it's been thunderstorm after thunderstorm with a fair amount of rain chucked in (or down) for good measure.

Read moreIt's now getting to be a frightening affair walking the streets of Budapest. Not because of the thieving gits about the place but the huge puddles that lurk at the edges of the roads. You really do have to watch where you walk so you don't get wet. One passing car can ruin your day, not to mention your trousers.

On a related note, we drove Opi to one of the far corners of the world Budapest yesterday. A mere hour drive from the center. I thought I'd be safe from the rain in the semi-solid car but it looks like the sunroof leaks, which in turn lets water build up on the sun-visor, which in turn empties it's refreshing payload onto the driver's (my) crotch when setting off. Opi's definitely got ways to grab your attention. Making you look like you wet yourself is one of them.

Tying the two notes together in some shoe-lace fashion, perhaps even with a double-bow, spare a thought for the cars that are driving through those puddles that are ruining your day. The streets in Budapest are notoriously holey (not holy). With some spots being real car wreckers, drivers have to concentrate and swerve out of the way of the offending patches of non-tarmac. I know people that refuse to drive in Budapest when it's raining. When it rains in Budapest, drivers become paranoid about puddles as it's impossible to tell if it's a splasher or a crasher until it's too late.


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