Saturday, July 09, 2005

Am I Afraid?

A friend sent this link over, which is a site set up just after the London bombings this week. Lot's of pictures of people holding up signs saying "I'm not afraid", "Do I look afraid to you?" etc. An interesting site, even if some of the people there are quite scary in themselves.

Read moreI think I place my 'fraidiness of terrorism on about the same scale as dying in a plane crash. It can happen but there's bugger all you can do about it on a personal, day-to-day level. What you can do, is on a slightly higher level by making sure the governments have proper laws and procedures in place. For planes, it means regulations about traffic controller working hours and the like. For terrorism, it means making sure decent "homeland security" is in place, a good plan for what to do if attacked, chasing after bad guys, neutralizing known nasties etc.

For my part, I think I'm more afraid of the normal, everyday violence that gets inflicted on people by their own kind. I stepped out onto the Körüt yesterday and came across two skinheads in stereotypical uniform of bomber jacket, tight blue jeans and stomper Doc. Marten boots, carrying a bottle of vodka.  
Not the skinheads I saw, they weren't doing Nazi salutes. This photo came from an article about Belarus.

Now, they may have been a nice pair of lads off to help their gran but I steered well clear. I think those are the people I'm more afraid of.

Extra note - I know that not all skinhead are for blood and glory. I've heard it said that Graham is the "sweetest skinhead you could ever meet". Of course that was said by a girl. Guys just can't call each other "sweet" without fear of violent repercusions.


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