Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Helping Out At McDonalds

Walking down the street the other day I was stopped and asked for directions. Not an uncommon occurance in the tourist center of Budapest but this was slightly different. For starters it was a girl in a McDonalds uniform (and quite cute too, I should have got a pic), on top of that, she was desperately trying to find her way to er.. McDonalds.

Read moreI thought the situation was so ridiculous that I actually looked around for camera and asked if she was taking the piss playing a joke on me.

Turns out that she was fairly new to McDonalds and was normally working at Oktogon but had been sent down to the Deak ter outlet to help out. She got off a stop early then spent the next 15 minutes asking people where to go. Poor thing was quite distraught as people kept giving different directions. I guess that's the trouble with so many fast food joints in one area.

I tried giving directions but she was really was fretting too much. So I did the gentlemanly thing and showed her the path to the Big Mac. Then took her to McDonalds. Boom Boom.


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