Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Day Out In Buda

This could well be the last phone photo from when the visitors where here. I'll have to make up find more news.

The folks were keen to show off the Children's Railway, known not just for being great for kids as passengers but also great for kids that want to grow up to collect tickets on the intercity to Miskolc. Yes, they don't get to drive the engine (I hope) but they do go through the carriages and demand to see your tickets.

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Apart from child labour, the other great thing about the railway is the small patch of Buda hills that it passes through and the leisurely pace that allows you to take it all in.

You can take the train quite a way but we only went a couple of stops to János Hegy where there's a good old lookout tower. Didn't go up there though, too much energy required. Instead we opted for the lazy chairlift that takes you down the hill and then back up if you so wish. We wished.

After that, a pleasant stroll through the woods and some great views, finished off with fresh rétes (strudel - surely that's not English either). Bon appetit (damn).

Oh, the photos...

Beware in the dark, dingy metros..... the ogres can strike at any time.

That's a kid, I swear. Oh okay, they do have grown ups to make sure the passengers don't bully the little 'uns.

The chairlift make a gentle rumble when you pass the towers. But it's not allowed to swing the chair. Boo...

No jumping allowed either. Keep those feet firmly where they are. Oh alright, maybe it's okay to ruffle some of the trees as you go past.

So peaceful, with such great views and ...breathe in.... fantastic clean air.


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