Sunday, June 19, 2005

Quickie Spoon

Just a very quick one, still finding photos on my phone from when the folks were in town. Here's a set of pics from Spoon the posh boat restaurant.

I was a bit aprehensive about going here as it's one of those places that could surpass everything else or fail spectacularly. In this case, everything was fantastic. Food, service, view and general atmosphere, all excellent.

Tripping the light fantastic down to the boat (or up to the boat if the Danube is high).

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Attention to detail. Everything set just right. Including the funky cutlery.

The chocolate dessert, like the rest of the food was fantastic.

Some of the best views in the city. These were taken from the roof terrace they have.

We could see all this from downstairs but went for a wander on deck after the meal. The staff didn't seem that bothered by us exploring.

Strange thing is that when I mentioned Spoon to someone else after the event, they said they'd had a terrible time with surly waiters. Maybe they fixed it by the time we went. They couldn't be faulted. Great for when you want a great food experience and have some money to pay for it all (came to about 8,000 ft per head). Highly recommended.


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