Thursday, June 16, 2005

Battle of Jokai tér

This is going to be a quick one as I'm trying to catch up and experiment at the same time. It seems that an underground garage is planned for Jokai tér (square). All fine as it'd help the horrible parking problem in downtown Budapest and they'd also tidy up the square and it's not hard to imagine it becoming a cafe strewn people-watching place just like Liszt tér on the other side of Andrassy.

Problem is that there's quite a few nice old tree around and to make an underground garage, you have to dig a big hole. That means getting rid of those trees. Hence the battle for the square.

Most of the trees around the area have been given a lovely sash that most beauty queens would be proud of. "For the trees of Jokai tér". If the battle isn't bloody, I'm sure it will be sappy.


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