Saturday, June 18, 2005

Moziünnep - Cinema Celebration

Moziünnep is upon us, rejoice! For one week you can see loads of films for just 320 ft. That's just under a quid and about a third of the normal ticket price.

I started off on Thursday, opening up my mind with a 1971 Bollywood classic, Pakeezah (aka "A Pure Heart" aka "Egy Tiszta Sziv"). With great lines such as "My leg bells ring naughtily" it was interesting to watch if a little long at two and a half hours.

Friday was more standard fare with The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (excellent) & B13 (very like Escape From New York but with more running and jumping off rooves a la Yakamasi, all recommended).

There's more about Moziünnep at I would normally recommend to go direct to the Moziünnep site but it looks like they haven't paid their bills. Maybe they're back up, go have a look.


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