Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Big Kiss

It was an interesting weekend. A couple of bridges closed off to traffic, free concerts galore, a birthday party, a kicking Gödör Klub, oh and the world's biggest kiss. And that was just Saturday.

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Started off with a hunt through Westend with the Lovely Lady for a birthday present and must-have clothing. Socks. Normally, I'd say they really are a must-have, but right now, I'd rather stick with sandals. Socks and sandals? No thank you. Oh, and before you think it, no, the socks were not the birthday present.

Then after a quick beer at good ol' Capt' Cooks (affectionately known in my household as "Jack's" but that's another story). Realising that the Lady's favourite band was due to start playing (for free) on Erzsébet hid (Elizabeth Bridge) in 15 minutes, said pint was downed and we rushed off. Of course, everything was running late. PUF wasn't to start for another couple of hours. We watched a bit of hillbilly rock from the Mystery Gang and I think there was another beer involved. Then went back to wrap presents.

The Bridge earlier in the day.


A naked bridge

Beer on the Bridge

This is how close I was to being on the telly.

Right, out at the bridge again a little while later and the schedule is slipping even further. Listen to a bit of Colorstar and actually sign up to take part in the world's biggest kiss. Well, why not. I was with the Lovely Lady afterall. PUF finally get to play, bang out 4 tunes then have to get off. The Csók Király (Kissing King) Fenyő Miklós, started his rock 'n' roll thing and the countdown to the big kiss began. Let me tell you, there were fireworks. No, seriously.

That should be PUF

What can I say? We kissed, there were fireworks.

More bands.

The happy hippy bridge.

Clever lighting

Crowds get caught up in pyschedelic jam

Throughout the concerts the bridge had been taking on a more phsycadelic nature. Part of the event was to have the bridge "clothed" in colourful murals from local artists. It worked quite well.

No time to take it all in though. Off to the birthday party at Akácfa Galeria Cafe. An okay-ish place in a divey area of town. Was sweltering hot but managed to keep cool with a couple more beers. That was until they decided to close all the windows and refuse to let people drink outside.

Fire twirlers, glowing cocktails and there's banging nightclub through those eerie blue doors.

On the way home, passed through the Gödör which was having a knees up (and a lot of other things thanks to the go-go dancers). Apparently their license is being revoked and so they're closing down. The went out in style though, with several days of parties, concerts and what-have-you. No idea what will replace it. Probably go back to the ghost pit that it was while the politicians fought over whose fault it was that it ran out of money. As we passed through at 1am, it was alive with drinkers, dancers, strange fire-twirling people, all drinking glowing cocktails. Fantastic.


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