Monday, July 25, 2005

Everyone Knows The Words

Summer in Budapest is great. There's always something going on that surprises you. The other week, I left the flat to find a huge gay parade outside my building. Today we started off to the shops and as soon as we got outside, we saw a huge group of people. Their heads were shaved and they were chanting loudly.

Read moreSounds like I should be afraid but it turned out to be a happy Hare Krsna march. They were dancing down the street, singing songs with those familiar catchy lyrics.


Not sure what the big event was but they were all off to the Tabán which seems to be the fashionable resting point for city centre marches these days.

Seemed like a nice bunch of people but would have been better with an elephant. I guess I should read up about Hare Krsna and what it's all about, perhaps I'll start with learning the words to the songs.


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