Friday, August 05, 2005

Roll With It

I've been trying to update this blog on a daily (weekday) basis so I was annoyed with myself when I missed a day earlier in the week. No matter, it appears I'm on a roll.

Read moreWhen I first started I was curious about whether I'd have enough material to write about. Although my mumblings may not be too dramatic or newsworthy I think they show the normal daily goings on in Budapest (and sometimes outside of Bp too). A friend told me that it's like chatting away over a coffee about what happened on the way to work. That suits me just fine.

Another way to look at it is my fascination with old photographs, posters and adverts. The pictures of everyday people going about everyday life show what it really was like. Hopefully I'm doing the same.

Old Budapest
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At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

There's no where to leave comments on Pestiside, so I'll ask here lest he drops by (as he has been known to): Why is Varangy at pains to remind us he is no tracist?

He may have been called many things, some of them deservedly, but I doubt whether anyone cared about his capacity for tracing.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Michael Furey said...

I believe it is an oblique reference to his understanding of certain parts of JJ's Finnegans Wake:

"These ruled barriers along which the traced words, run, march, halt, walk, stumble at doutbful points, stumble up again..."
- J.J.'F.W.' p 114

Trace as in the metaphoric, stylistic sense and his frustration in explicating his inner torment.

Or maybe not.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

No, no... I think you're onto something.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Michael Furey said...

Well, with that encouragement I looked a little deeper (the shallowness of my first suggestion was insulting - apologies).

Over at the concordance (well really only one of many), I looked up the variations on trace and there it is tracers.

So on line 22 of page 129 we have:

"thries to cover up his tracers"

The subliminal nature of this is I believe conclusive.

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

Thries, and fails!

As conclusive, sir, as it is damning.


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