Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sziget 2005 - Day 1

Maybe everyone arrived on day zero or maybe everyone was busy doing something else, but when I got to the Sziget on Day 1, yesterday there was hardly anyone around at the entrance. I fast-tracked myself onto the island and headed for the main stage.

Had one of those weird Sziget texting moments, whereby I sms'd someone trying to figure out a place to meet, got a reply saying where they were, then found out we were about 10 feet apart.

Read moreJust caught the end of Morcheeba who have a new lead singer. Seemed very energetic and got the crowd going. Most of the people I talked to prefered the original line-up but I still thought they were pretty good.

After that we wandered around to acclimatize to the Sziget properly. Found all the usual stages and tents in the usual places. Saw a brief Brazilian parade, grabbed a burger, chilled out in deckchairs, then returned to watch Sean Paul who got the audience busy.

The temperature was dropping so decided to visit a tent. We saw the end of loud and heavy Piramix (tribute band of Piramis), then the lovely lady watched her favourite PUF (Pal Utcai Fiuk) while I practised my Hungarian by watching House of Flying Daggers (Chinese Madarin with subtitled Hungarian). She was happy with PUF and I thought the film was excellent, though I missed the second half as had to head off home.

Tonight the potential viewing list for me looks like ...
18:00NagyszínpadNatalie Imbruglia
19:00Afro-Latin SzínpadCopacabana Bossa-Nova
19:00HammerWorld SzínpadLord
19:00Zöld UdvarSkambulance
19:45NagyszínpadAnima Sound System
20:30Zöld UdvarSka-Hecc
23:00Bahia SzínpadMásfél
23:00Siemens SzínpadNeo
23:30Cökxpôn Ambient SátorcaracasUnderpop
00:30Siemens SzínpadBalkan Fanatik
00:45Blues-színpadMystery Gang

Other stuff at the Sziget today.

As the lack of sleep starts to kick in, I am looking forward to the lie-ins of the weekend.

Some pics


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

Which stage is Doctor Pockless performing on?

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Varangy said...

How can Morcheeba have a new lead singer?

I mean, Morcheeba is Skye Edwards.

At 2:33 AM, Blogger Timbo said...

Having Meafed with the Doctor this lunchtime I believe that he will conduct his lectures in one of the more prestigious beer tents. Though he may step out for a bit of Balkan Indigestion.

Skye Edwards, yes, the face, the body the smiling pot smoking front lady for Morcheeba. But she's gone. The band and all the songs remain. The new singer had a huge gap to fill and she seems to be a corker.


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