Monday, January 01, 2007

Russian Coke (Florida Style)

Russian Coke (Classic)

- Slices of lemon
- Sugar
- Coffee (ground beans or Nescafe)
- Vodka

Pour out the shots of vodka. Place slices of lemon flat on the top of each glass. Heap the sugar and coffee into separate piles on the slice of lemon.

To drink, first eat the lemon and toppings, then down the vodka. Works a treat and makes me think of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster from Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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This fantastic drink was explained to / inflicted on me by a couple of old friends on an impromptu Kert Crawl to mark the passing of the Godfather of Soul that was James Brown. Although technically there was only one true kert involved.

I believed the drink to have been created by the friends but a recipe for Russian Cocaine appears to already be out on the net, so I don't feel too guilty about spreading the secret.

At a New Year's Eve party (that would be yesterday) I related the story of Russian Coke to a friend and then of course we had to make it; our cocktail creations having gone down a storm at the last New Year's party we poisoned. Unfortunately with no lemons around we improvised with tangerines, hence "Russian Coke (Florida Style). Of course, tangerines are definitely not oranges but it's only a small stumble in the imagination of the drunk. The tangerines worked well but the skins on the segments don't allow for sharp juice infusion that gives the Russian Coke (Classic) its kick.

With the vodka's shot we moved on to create another fruity Frankenstein's monster. I don't think this will stand the test of time but here goes.

- Tangerine
- Cherry juice
- Orange liqueur
- Vodka

The trick with this one was to set it up in two separate glasses, balanced on top of each other (it's a drunken habit of mine). To drink, just eat the tangerine, down the cherry juice then chug the mixture of vodka and orange liqueur. Oh, and you have to do it without using your hands. Which is why I spent some of my time last night clearing up lots of broken glass. Oh dear.

Making up the ridiculous drinks was great fun but there's got to be some beer to wash the bad taste out of your mouth.


PS - An apology for neglecting The Hungary Years for so long. It's been a while and this resolution for 2007 might crash and burn but I'll give it a go.

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