Friday, September 23, 2005

The Steaks Are High (2)

Okay, so back at the keyboard again for the 20 minutes I´ve just bought. B.A. is a bit of a strange one. Yes, it´s European-like but then again you´ve also got a load of pollution and people peeing on the streets, dog crap absolutely everywhere. Bit like Bp really. Maybe not.

Our hotel (yes, it´s a hotel, not a hostel) is very central and we´ve got a huge triple room for just 65 pesos a night (about $22). It´s got it´s own bathroom but the shower is actually just the bathroom with a shower head stuck in the wall. They give you a squegie on a stick to move the water into the drain. The room is on the first floor and the noise from the street is just amazing. Oh well, it´s very comfortable and is a good base.

We took the bus over to Boca. Looked at the colourful houses, tango dancers on the street and the Boca football stadium (though didn´t do the tour). Then walked back via a huge park and fed the pigeons and a parrot.

Also stopped by the renovated docks which is impressive. Tons of places to eat and drink. All looking very new with lots of buildings being built all over the place.

For the evening we went out to a parrilla and ate copius amounts of steak. The waitress advised Eva not to order the one she wanted as it would be too big. She went for the "mini" version which was pretty huge. I opted for a t-bone steak and they brought two of them! Mind you, they were so great, we managed to finish it all off. That, along with a couple of cokes, a water and a generous glass of wine came to about 30 pesos or $10. I think I have an idea what we´ll be eating again tonight.

Today we´ve put in the laundry to be washed. We took a look on the net for a place to stay at the next stop in Puerto Madryn but then decided that we´ll just phone places when we get there. It worked well here, we´re out of season and there should be plenty of places free. Also, it might be cheaper if we go direct to the hostel / hotel.

Next stop is the cemetry to take a look at Eva Peron´s grave and then maybe up to Palermo which is meant to be a bit greener but still lively.

Yes yes yes, I know, still no pictures. We always seem to be in a rush. Maybe I´ll ask the net people on the way out if it´s possible to use a memory card reader.

Right that´s it. Off we go.

Updated with photos (29-Nov-2005) - Click for pics

Hotel Europa

Colourful Boca

Not the last tango in B.A.

The cool renovated docks

Number 8 has a rest

Street entertainers in BA

The huge cemetry in BA is just like a small town

One of the many dog walkers in BA

Some great graffiti in BA


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

No posts for several days then two in quick succession. Your meaf reports are much appreciated - they almost make up for the lack of pictures.


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