Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pimp My Ride

Came across this car the other day as its guardian was polishing it off. Looks like an old 1930's roadster but it turns out to be a Beauford. When I did a quick look up on the car make I found out that the marque has only been around for 10 years. They make these automobiles to classic designs and then sell them. Mainly to people who drive people off to their honeymoon.

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To me, it also looks like a classy pimp-mobile. Which got me thinking.

Some friends running an animal import business (they import stags and hens over at Budapest Weekends) have just started up a new enterprise over at the old Caligula. It's a strip club over in Buda and as well as renaming it to The Candy Shop and refitting it, they have some groundbreaking ideas.

Groundbreaking Ideas*
1 - No charge on the door
2 - No ripping off customers
3 - Keep the staff happy
4 - Keep the customers happy

If they can get those 4 items in place then they'll either have a huge success or they'll be shut down by some bureaucratic department. They were also talking about how to market the place (not The Place you understand). One brainfart was to dress up one of the partners in a pimping white suit and have him wander about the center of town handing out leaflets. Of course he'd be accompanied by some girls and a dwarf.

I think the car would be the perfect accessory for the crime job.

The Candy Shop (a.k.a. Caligula)
Szilagyi E. Fasor 37 - 39

Anyway, I wish them luck and hope to stop by the establishment sometime. I hope you will too.

* Yes, I know they're not groundbreaking but getting that mix right of pleasing the customers so they feel good and keeping the staff happy so they don't bitch about the customers isn't that easy.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Timbo said...

Bloody spam comments. I've switched on word verification now.

If you'd like to leave a comment you'll see an image with some strange letters. Just type the letters into the field below it and everything should be okay.

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

12 days between posts? Is that a record? The Hungary Years has been missed... looking forward to your forthcoming adventures.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Timbo said...

Yes yes yes, it's been all go before we go and there hasn't been much time spent on the blog. But that should change soon.

I might do a quick post with all the pics clogging up my phone before we head off to the beyond.


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