Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bangers From Blighty

I wouldn't say I'm a foodie, but I do like my food. It doesn't have to be fancy as even the simplest of meals can taste like a slice heaven. A good example being the basic hideg (cold) food that I eat most evenings. Fresh bread, butter, salami, cheese. Fantastic.

I'm also very fond of Hungarian food. From Meafy classics like töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage) to sweet tooth saviours such as Császár morzsa Hu / En (emperor's crumbs), there's plenty of dishes to choose from. Of course there are still things that I miss from home. One of them being good ol' bangers and mash.

Read moreHungary has cracking kolbász and virslis are acceptable in the right circumstance (namely in a bun) but there is no good sausage substitute here. I've chanced upon some Bajor kolbász that wasn't bad but now I've found the perfect porkers.

David Wilkinson is the saviour. As producer of Wilkinson's British Sausages with a meafy heritage going back over 50 years, he knows what he's doing. If you order from him, he'll also tell you what he's doing when he delivers them direct to your door.

I started off joining in orders with friends. Just a kilo of Lincolnshire here, a kilo of pork there. But now I'm addicted enough to just buy direct. The freezer was filled the other week and the sausages are slowly getting chomped through. I highly recommend them. The Lincolnshires are full of herbs and spices while the pork is deliciously juicy. There are also some pork and tomato ones but I haven't tasted them yet.

Don't be put off by the ancient and broken website basic website. The man's still in business. Just send an email to the address on the site and he'll get back to you for the order.

Now I just need to find an enterprising fellow willing to bag some salt and vinegar crisps.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

Fantastic. Now all Hungary needs is a good supply of pie.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

Ironically, Wilkinson's British Sausages count among my reasons for regretting leaving Budapest. Despite being able to have British Sausages whenever I please, they somehow tasted so much better when served as highly exclusive hand-crafted meaf.

Incidentally, I'm pleased to note the use of the word "meafy" in your post. A definition can be found here.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger Timbo said...

Oooh a good steak pie, oozing gravy under its suet pudding crust.

It was torture researching the net for those links and pics. I was starving. Same now.


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