Friday, September 23, 2005

The Steaks Are High

Argh... The planned regular updates are not going according to er.. plan.

Mellow Yellow hostel in Rio was great and I´m not sure if you realised but I wrote the first post when I wasn´t really in the best of moods. I was feeling sleep deprived, irritable, weather was crap etc etc. But the next day was fantastic. We made our own way up Sugarloaf mountain (well, when I say we made our own way up, I mean we didn´t go with a tour, we didn´t walk up the thing). Then in the afternoon we went to see Christ the Redeemer on another peak. Just in time for sunset. Fantastic views.

The next day (and last day in Rio) we went over to Ipanema beach and strolled along almost all of it. Again, the weather started off cloudy then out came the sun and of course we got a bit sunburnt but nothing we couldn´t handle. Also got soaking wet after being caught out by the waves that come up suddenly. Completely soaked up to the shins. Oh well, at least it dried quickly.

Flew down to Foz do Iguacu that day and checked in to Laura´s bed and breakfast. Laura being a completely crazy Brazilian woman who makes you feel like you´re really staying in someone´s home. Excellent place. Started meeting and chatting to more people here. Went out for an all you can eat Meaf extravaganza. I was just overwhelmed.

Iguacu is the place for waterfalls. Took a trip with 9 others from the b&b to the falls on the Argentinian side (apparently much better than the Brazilian side). Our guide was 20 years old, had been a guide for the last 8 days and had only been learning English for 2 months. But he was great, honestly. Had a great time. Got soaking wet again by standing near the waterfall spray. Absolutely huge waterfalls that the photos (that again aren´t here) will fail to show.

Got back from the falls and then rushed off to the bus stop to get to the airport and fly to Buenos Aires that night. Got into b.a. just after midnight with no accomodation lined up, no money, and no real plan (see Gabor, I can be like that). After an hour of wandering around the airport we managed to figure something out.

I´ll continue this another time but my time is about to run out at the internet cafe. Trying to book the next place but failing again.

Updated with photos (29-Nov-2005) - Click for pics

Mellow Yellow Hostel

View from Sugarloaf Mountain

Down on the beach

Jesus Christ

Christ balancing on a lamppost

Copacabana walkway

Iguacu Falls (as seen from Argentina)


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous cs. said...

Szia Tim, the Brazilian side of the falls is much nicer!!! You have a more exposed view to those massive falls and you can go nearer to them than on the A side! Did you see the beautiful "numbered" butterflies flying around you all the time? Looking forward to seeing some pics.csilla x


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