Thursday, September 29, 2005

Photos from the CD (Rio, Iguacu, BsAs, Peninsula Valdes)

Okay, remembered to bring the CD with me this time to the net cafe.

Before you see those (I´m still trying to login to flickr on this incredibly slow connection), I´ll bore you with the no-news I have for the day.

Puerto Natales (where we are right now) is in a stunning location. All the buildings are pretty run down (but pretty all the same) but it´s set next to an amazing lake with huge mountains on the other side. Makes for a great wander around. Which is all we did today.

That and went to the doctor´s to get something for my cold. 10,000 Chillean peso to see the doctor and another 7,000 for the perscription. Had a terrible night last night but seems to be getting better now. Was also a bit of a Blair Witch Project night as something seemed to be scraping up and down the walls of our room (which is basically a prefab shed divided up into about 5 rooms in someone´s garden). Then the dog started barking outside the window in a very protective way and didn´t stop for the rest of the night. Good dog. I don´t want to get eaten by scary giant porcupine llamas or whatever they have around here. Actually, they have very nice black-necked swans on the lake.

Looks like we´ll both go on the day tour of the park tomorrow, but while Eva strides out from the bus every now and then, I´ll stay wrapped up and warm on/in it. Haven´t asked yet, but will try to get a discount.

So here are the photos from the earlier part of the trip. We´ve got loads of photos but you´re only getting a taster here. Putting the photos up is quite time-consuming (this post has taken about an hour with this connection). We also have some cracking photos that we´ll save till the end.

Enjoy ....

One of Rio from Sugarloaf Mountain. Excellent view.

Jesus Christ!

Iguacu falls. Now imagine that this view stretches all the way around the corner as well.

Buenos Aires. Just a quick street pic that reflects how colourful South America can be.

Whale watching on the Peninsula Valdes. The male was horny but the lady was having none of it. She kept rolling in the water to make him prove himself.

The females look normal, but the male elephant seals are huge. They all look dead but really they´re just resting. Though we did see one with a nasty wound that was getting pestered by hungry gulls.

P.p.p.p.pick up a penguin. You probably could here. There were quite a few around and very close. Not really the season for them at the moment. A few hundred here right now but down south in a couple of months there will be hundreds of thousands.

As we were just a group of 4 people we had just a single 4x4 instead of a big bus. This meant we could stop at any time to get out and take a look around.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Doctor Pockless said...

That's what you call "no-news"? It was your most entertaining entry yet! What exactly did the doctor prescribe? It sounds like it may have been one of those notorious South American hallucinogens...

Great photos, by the way. Your perseverence with the slow connections is very much appreciated.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One question - you call THIS a 4x4???

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Martin said...

off road!!!!!!!!!

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Have fun.


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