Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Other Side of the Square

After writing about postcards from the edge of Erzsebet ter yesterday, I realised that I never put out a post for the smart, new Erzsebet ter on the other side of the old bus station.

Workers spent a few months pushing and pulling it about in the second half of 2006 and then sometime back in September or October they finished it off and opened it up.

Read moreThese pics are from back then, which explains the lack of bulky winter clothes on the people wandering about. But to be honest, the weather has been so warm this January that it might as well have been yesterday.

The park has lost some of it's wild charm as they have pulled out a lot of bushes and put more paving down. It now appears very sparse and open.

However, some people will see that as a good thing as it's less scary to walk through at night with not a lot of places for nasty monsters to lurk.

Now, instead of an open gravel area where people would walk their dogs and just leave them to it, there's a fenced off doggy area. This should help keep the park clean but I often wonder how often (if ever) the canine cage gets de-crappified. It doesn't take long for it to become a concentrated camp of crap that is so bad, even the dog walkers refuse to enter.

Other improvements include a decent looking basketball court that's actually used (I even saw a group playing around midnight as I was walking home from the pub this weekend) and a good kid's playground with lots of fun swingy, swirly things.

The main statue and fountain has stayed put and I think they have improved the lighting of it. Strangely another statue of a shepherd playing music to his sheep was moved to the other side of the square, but at least they've kept it.

The old statue of Erzsebet that used to sit, hidden in the bushes was hauled away some years ago.

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