Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just A Perfect Day

It wasn't exactly illness but after the bout of unwellness on Saturday it was good to venture out for some fresh air on Sunday.

We had thought about getting back into the swing of things with a long hike with the Teljesítménytúrázók Társasága but decided that we would ease into the exercise a little more slowly. And besides, we had overslept and been lazy in the morning.

When we've been out for walks before with the TTT, they've always started no later than 9.30am. On Sunday we managed to get out of the flat at around midday. With the sun scheduled to set at just after 4pm, that forced us to keep the walk short and simple.

We hopped onto the red metro to Moszkva tér and then took the 56 tram up to Hűvösvölgy. From that last stop, it's easy to head off on several walks, short and long.

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We followed the route over Harshegy to a lookout tower (Kaán Károly kilátó) and then through the Budakeszi-erdő. A lot of people must have had the same idea as the paths were packed with people.

Okay, they weren't exactly packed but there were definitely more people than we were expecting in January. Obviously they had been listening to the same forecasts as us and were making the most of the unseasonal weather. The sun shone and we had to strip off our outer layers to stop the sweat.

After about 10km, we ended up at Normafa and from here we'd normally take the 56 tram back from the stop at the cogwheel railway but as we'd just missed it and the sun was still in the sky, we carried on all the way back to Moskva tér.

To treat ourselves, we took one of the new the 4-6 trams to Oktogon to pick up some cakes for home.

As we passed the clock at Nyugati Scala it was showing 11C in the dusk, meaning that it must have been well above that in the sun on the hillsides.

I've always liked a bit of snow in the winter but if this is what global warming is, then bring it on.

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