Monday, January 08, 2007

The Random Chocolates and the Two Pint Hangover

The Random ChocolatesPerhaps it wasn't a true two pint hangover. I had been feeling a little bit rough before I even took a sip of beer on Friday night but I went to Klub Vittula on Kertesz utca anyway. The place has been around for a while now but it was the first time I'd been. Strange, as I know some people that are regulars there and it's not far from the office.

The reason for losing my Vittula virginity was to watch couple of bands play. The first being The Random Chocolates leading up to Mookie Brando and the Second Cousins. I'd seen both play before over at the Fregatt but they had been lacking drums and drums make all the difference.

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Mookie Brando and the Second CousinsVitulla is a narrow, smoky joint in a basement with the bar at the back and the stage at the front next to the entrance. The stage itself is tiny and decorated with what looks like a variety of colourful shower curtains. The result is actually very good. A cosy and friendly atmosphere with everyone shuffling around each other and a band that dominates the main room.

The chocs were on great form and got a good response from the audience. It may have been helped by the random chocolates being offered to the crowd. Once the real chocs were in front of us on the table (the sweets not the band) my stomach rumbled to signal that it needed food. Not wanting to fill up on beer, I scoffed a few chocolate covered nuts.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they sell Arany Facan (aka Zlatý bažant) which is very tasty and clean, so that was my first order. But the next pint was part of someone else's round and came in a large, unbranded glass and I suspect may have been Holstein which has been known to mess me about in small quantities.

So my two pint hangover was probably a combination of a slight cold, chocolate dinner and the dodgy second pint. Saturday was spent taking it easy. I can only imagine what would have happened to my hangover if I'd been to see The Random Palinkas.

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At 2:06 PM, Blogger matt said...

I have never been to Vitula, but a friend of mine goes, and she told me the meaning of the word. It is Finnish, and very very rude.


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