Friday, January 05, 2007


Final Tuft of ChristmasI did say that the lights would be coming down soon. On my way home last night I caught sight of some wannabe lumberjacks taking down the big tree outside the opera house on Andrassy.

Instead of going for the full-on comedy value of taking an axe to the base and letting it crash onto stunned pedestrians coming out of the metro stop, they were sensibly taking it apart bit by bit like some large, green lego set. Albeit with a chainsaw and a large hydraulic lift on loan from the fire department.

One onlooker had managed to snatch a big shiny bauble and was bouncing the huge unbreakable ball on the new cobblestones they have there. Instead of taking my own souvenir I took a quick pic of the final tuft of Christmas standing proud on the top of the tree and left.

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