Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Crappy Quickie

Just a crappy quickie to keep my daily postings record. I find that setting aside 30 minutes in the morning around breakfast time means I push out a post no problem. Until I don't have 30 minutes in the morning, then it all turns pear-shaped.

Seeing as I'm running out of time for this Wednesday, I thought I'd share something that I hope isn't becoming a trend. There's quite a bit of feces involved. Basically in the span of less than a week, I've trodden in a huge pile of doggy doo, been shat on by a pigeon and a neighbour's cat left a little pungent package for us on our doormat.

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Out of all the above, the doggy doo must have been the worst. It was just after a hike of several hours over the Buda hills. We'd reached civilization and as I took my first steps on the pavement, I almost slipped head over heels in something that must have been left by Dogzilla. As I was wearing my walking boots with chunky grip, it took me ages to get the damn things clean and sweet smelling.

I consider the pigeon dropping droppings fairly lucky. There's always the "could have been worse" thought that crosses my mind. I was lucky it wasn't a few centimetres to the left where it would have hit me smack on the head instead of on my sleeve. I was also lucky that I noticed it just before I went to wipe my forehead with said sleeve. It washed off easily and didn't smell. Definitely lucky that dogs don't fly.

Then there was the cat from a few doors down our corridor. Cute little playful kitten that meows outside our door when it feels like playing. Perhaps because I wasn't at home and able to play that it took offence and left a little message for me for when I got back. Oh well, at least it was solid.

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