Thursday, October 13, 2005

Simmering in Salta

It´s been a hectic few days or maybe just hours that seem to be like days. We´re now in Salta. It´s hot. We´re back in good weather country and it´s meant to be about 34C today. Dug the shorts back out.

We managed to catch the bus from Osorno to Santiago and traveled through the night (quite comfy and got food plus films as well). Santiago was big and smoggy but worth the visit. Spent one day wandering around town and climbed up a rocky hill right in the middle of it. The next day was spent getting to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. Beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Great. Got my feet soaking wet again by a rogue wave but still good.

Then flew via Buenos Aires to Salta. The plane from BsAs to Salta was delayed by a couple of hours. Though it gave us some time to phone ahead and reserve a room at a hostel and sort out Eva´s drink problem.

We had a bottle of Picso Sour from Chile. Half full/empty. It was in Eva´s small bag. She plonked it down outside BsAs airport while we waited for the bus and then a few minutes later someone gesticulated that the bag was leaking. Everything was soaked in Pisco Sour. A distinct smell plus a large degree of stickiness. The bag was also ripped inside. We transfered everything to plastic bags and dumped the original.

Dried everything out in the hostel and we´re off to buy a new bag now.

I´ll try to write more about Bariloche, Santiago, Valpairso, Vina del Mar and Salta later. Not much time right now.

Photos, yes I know. I might be able to sort something out later today if the hostel computer behaves itself.

Updated with photos (29-Nov-2005) - Click for pics

Santiago Smog as seen from the Santa Lucia Hill

And here's that hill

A view of Valparaiso's port

There was a huge photo exhibition in Valparaiso celebrating the human body. Here's one example.

Vina del Mar's beaches were nicer. Though I wouldn't want to swim in the water.

Waiting at the airport, a hornet says hello.


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