Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where the streets have no streets

 Booked tickets on SkyEurope this morning. Off to Venice. Never been before and taking the lovely lady with me.

Just a long weekend, Friday to Monday at the beginning of July.

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SkyEuropes doing good deals right now. The flight to Venice for two people and including all the taxes etc came to 34,623 Ft which is less than a 100 quid. Now just have to find a place to stay.

They've bought some new Boeing 737s so they're also doing some even cheaper deals at 737 Ft, about 2 quid. You have to add on the taxes and fees but that's still damn cheap. Perhaps we'll have to get some more travelling under our belts.

It would be good to go back to the UK for a short break but there's also Athens, Copenhagen, Madrid etc on that list.

Hmmm.... where to go.....

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